Ahousaht Community Revitalization

This project focused on supporting the Ahousaht Nation’s efforts for habitat rehabilitation and environmental resilience in their lands and waters.

Key Statistics

735,000 kgs of Debris Removed
164 Derelict Vehicles Removed 
10 Derelict Vessels Removed

Project Partners

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Project Details

As a result of discussions with Ahousaht First Nation leadership, CRS performed a preliminary survey and assessment of Ahousaht territories, with the purpose of determining the type of anthropogenic debris, abandoned infrastructure, and derelict vessels for removal. CRS engaged in discussions with Ahousaht leadership to determine the best course of action for debris removal and received permission to proceed with project development and implementation in 2018. Community revitalization, derelict vehicle and vessel removal, seabed and salmonid migratory corridor rehabilitation, and the retrieval of ghost gear were the key activities of the project. This project was carried out in partnership with Ahousaht First Nation and Cermaq Canada.

Project Film

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