Coastal Restoration Society (CRS) is strategically positioned as a global leader in marine habitat remediation.   

Our 'First Nations First' policy ensures that meaningful employment and contract opportunities are provided to local Indigenous peoples first.  

CRS services include marine habitat remediation, aquatic invasive specie monitoring and control, large pelagics assessment and monitoring, petroleum product pollution mitigation, derelict vessel removal, aquaculture support services and retrieval of abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing gear (ALDFG).  

CRS' quick response team is capable of mitigating pollution spill emergencies in the most demanding marine environments.  CRS offers deployment response times of less than 24 hours for assets and personnel within Canada, and 48 - 72 hours for international locations.  Air, marine and land-based solutions provide complete logistical coverage for any emergency.  

Our full compliment of marine rehabilitation services ensures that industry, Indigenous cultures and coastal communities maintain balanced relationships between the ecology and sustainable economic growth.   

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