Debris removal crew
Article from Province of CTV, June 2022

'You name it, it's out there': 250 tonnes of flood debris pulled from B.C. rivers

Four broken bridges, 11 battered buildings and 72 vehicles. These are just some of the items among the debris pulled from B.C. rivers and waterways since the devastating floods last November.
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Article from Province of BC, May 2022

B.C. restoring flood-damaged waterways with local partners

Local communities, First Nations and specially trained teams have removed significant amounts of large- and small-scale debris from B.C. rivers affected by November 2021 flooding.
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Diver in water
Article from Ha-Shilth-Sa News, February 2022

Ahousaht-led dive team surveys Alberni Inlet for lost fishing gear, garbage

An Indigenous-led dive team was busy last week scanning the waters of the Alberni Inlet for ghost fishing gear and garbage.
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European Green Crab
Article from KUOW, February 2022

Think 85,000 invasive crabs is a lot? Wait 'til you see Vancouver Island

While 85,000 invasive green crabs—a record number—were captured near Bellingham last year, even more of the voracious crustaceans have turned up just across Washington’s watery border with Canada.
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Abandoned aquaculture site removal
Article from Times Colonist, January 2022

Debris from fishing and oyster farms lurks underwater, endangering sea life

Abandoned oyster and other aquaculture farms of the west coast of Vancouver Island are death traps to salmon, herring, marine mammals and myriad sea life — and nobody really knows how many are out there.
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Ghost Gear removal
Article from ChekNews, January 2022

$700,000 federal grant helping clean ‘ghost gear’ from west coast waters

The pristine-looking waters on the west coast of Vancouver Island are hiding a major problem, decades worth of old gear related to commercial fishing and aquaculture.
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Derelict Vessel Removal 3
Article from Westerly News, July 2021

Derelict boats removed from Ucluelet Harbour

Coastal Restoration Society receives another $837, 237 to remove 18 derelict vessels
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Shoreline cleanup of polystyrene blocks
Article from Province of BC, April 2021

Shoreline projects tackling marine debris, abandoned boats

Up to 1,200 kilometres of B.C.’s coastlines and more than 100 derelict vessels are the targets of new marine debris clean-up projects, in partnership with coastal Indigenous Nations.
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European Green Crab Trap
Article from Westerly News, July 2020

‘A grave concern’: European green crabs discovered on Haida Gwaii

Aggressive invasive species discovered in Skidegate Inlet; working group formed to decide next steps
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Article from CTV News, July 2020

'High-risk invader': Vancouver Island communities want traps for invasive green crabs

"We need to control this population," Chamberland tells CTV News. "I don't think we can hope to eradicate the green crabs here."
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Article from Time Colonist, July 2020

Invasion of the green crab: Intruder gobbles key species in Island waters

The invasive European green crab is proliferating at an alarming rate on the west and southern coasts of Vancouver Island, devouring smaller Dungeness crab and bivalves as well as the eelgrass that is critical to young salmon.
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Article from Chek News, July 2020

Invasive crabs threaten fish and fish habitat on west coast of Vancouver Island

In the waters near Tofino, an alarming number of European green crabs are showing up in traps.
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Debris removal crew
Story from Ha-Shilth-Sa News, October 2020

Plastic plan lacks targets and funding, critics say

A federal plan to eliminate plastic waste by 2030 lacks the urgency and dollars to protect marine ecosystems on the receiving end of an ocean current conveyer belt along the Island’s west coast, critics say.
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Story from Ha-Shilth-Sa News, December 2019

Initiative launched in Ahousaht territory to clean salmon’s migratory pathways

A team from a Tofino-based group that specializes in habitat remediation and pollution clean-up are scattered across the Cypre River basin.
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Story from Ha-Shilth-Sa News, December 2018

Partners pitch in to help clean up for Ahousaht and salmon habitat

A collaborative community and harbour cleanup - considered the first on this scale in Canada - is nearing completion on Flores Island.
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Shoreline Cleanup 1
Story from Global News, March 2018

Critics sound off on Ottawa policy on plastics in oceans

The discovery of a Stellar Sea Lion with a rope around its neck has focused new attention on plastics in our oceans, and has critics sounding off about what they say is federal government hypocrisy. Nadia Stewart reports.
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