IWCREI Student - Ahousaht

Position: Student
Ahousaht First Nation Traditional Territories
August 19t - Sep 6th, 2024
$35/hr, for 120 hours

Company Overview
Coastal Restoration Society (CRS) is committed to supporting First Nations, Provincial and Federal Government in the fight against climate change. CRS projects develop and implement solutions which mitigate the effects of climate change and protect the long-term health and productivity of marine and aquatic habitats. CRS projects specialize in removing anthropogenic pollution from marine ecosystems, support the enhancement of marine habitat carbon sequestration, mitigate the effects of aquatic invasive species and reverse habitat degradation in shared environments with a focus on traditional First Nations territorial lands and waters.  Everyone at our organisation recognizes the importance of a healthy environment. Whatever your job with us, you’ll strive and innovate to achieve a better future. Our role is complex and our work can be challenging - important work usually is. But your contribution will count, and so will you.

Project Overview
The Indigenous Water Conservation and Restoration Education Initiative (IWCREI) is a project that emerged from conversations between Indigenous communities and Coastal Restoration Society. This project aims to meet the needs of coastal Indigenous communities for a marine and aquatic focused conservation and restoration training program that centers Indigenous science and knowledge. The benefits of this project extend beyond the Nations and students directly involved and aims to improve marine conservation efforts across the sector while improving co-management of marine and aquatic spaces.
The aim of the IWCREI is to create a course that meets the needs of the Nations who have requested this support. This is not a university course but rather a bridge that connects Indigenous science and knowledge with technical skills and provides hands-on experience. Course delivery will be land-based.The course will be delivered to up to 12 Hesquiaht students. The following supports will be provided to reduce barriers to this course:

● Paid training wage of $35/hour (120 hours)
● Daily meals provided
● Accommodation provided - Students will be camping for the duration of the course; all equipment is provided
● Equipment, Gear, and Personal Protective Equipment provided
● Transportation available upon request

Position Overview
Over the past year, six Indigenous Knowledge Holders worked with 5 Industry Advisors to develop IWCREI course topics, themes, modules, and outcomes, which have been assembled to create this course.

CRS is looking for up to 11 Ahousaht students to take the course in Ahousaht First Nation Traditional Territories from August 19th - Sept 6th, 2024. Students will be expected to report to the Instructor, and will be required to fulfill a contract of 120 over 3 weeks (7 hours a day including weekends).

Students will be provided with the necessary supplies, tools, equipment, materials, resources, and safety equipment necessary to complete the course. Students will be required to attend CRS’ Health and Safety Orientation at the beginning of the course. Swiftwater Safety training is also required and will be provided as part of the course. Students will cover a variety of topics related to coastal restoration and conservation, including:

● Nuu-Chah-Nulth Worldview
● Nuu-Chah-Nulth Values
● Observation
● Food Sovereignty
● Landmarks and Place Names
● Oceans and Navigation
● Forests
● River Keepers
● Changes
● Invasive Species
● Human interactions and
● Pathways for Change

Students will obtain  hands-on, field-based, and classroom-based knowledge and experience related to local environmental restoration and protection. Students will receive an overview of relevant equipment, tools, and data used, as well as laws, worldviews, and methodology related to environmental protection from both Indigenous and western perspectives.

Responsibility and Duties

Attendance and participation
Students are expected to attend all sessions of the course and actively participate in discussions, activities, and events
Completion of hours
Students are required to fulfill a contract of 120 hours over the course of 3 weeks (7 hours per day, including weekends)
Compliance with Health and Safety Protocols
Students must attend and adhere to CRS’ Health and Safety Orientation at the beginning of the course and follow all safety protocols throughout the duration of the program
Students must partake in Swiftwater Rescue Training, or already be certified as a Swiftwater Rescue Technician
Collaboration and teamwork
Students may be required to work collaboratively with peers and instructors
Respect for Indigenous Knowledge and Worldviews:
Given the emphasis on Indigenous Knowledge, students are expected to approach the material with respect and understanding, recognizing the importance of Indigenous perspectives in environmental stewardship
Students should be prepared for diverse learning environments, including in-person classes, pre-recorded video content, outdoor activities, or other formats

Ideal Candidate
● Strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills
● Interest and awareness of Indigenous land stewardship and/or environmental conservation/restoration
● Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
● Punctual, reliable and well organized
● Ability to be flexible and adaptive in response to challenge and/or adjusting needs
● Demonstrates integrity, honesty, and a strong ethical foundation in all aspects of work
● Ability to adapt to different learning environments
● 18+ years old

Required Experience
● Experience working closely with Indigenous peoples/communities
● Awareness of Indigenous rights, laws, and protocols
● Experience with fieldwork or outdoor activities
● Prior safety training may be beneficial

How to Apply
In your application please include:
● Cover Letter
● References

We encourage people who feel unsure if their qualifications meet our requirements to apply.
If you have any questions regarding this position, please contact
Please send your resumes to, with “IWCREI - Ahousaht Student Application” in the subject line.
In your application please indicate if you would like us to keep your resume on file forfuture opportunities.
If you see this posting outside the time frame listed, please submit your resume as we may have ongoing opportunities.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, July 29th, 2024
Start date August 19th, 2024.